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Bruce Karolyi Insurance Agency

Come grow with us

Work with a top-rated insurance agency with a blue-chip brand. Our focus is to ensure our team is living a fulfilled and balanced life. View the jobs we have open and apply today!

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We're proud of what we do. You will be too!

We’ve proudly helped Chico, Oroville, Paradise and many other Butte County communities with their insurance and financial needs for 20-plus years. The name of the company we represent is as familiar to you as your own.

We play a vital role in our customers' lives by helping them build and protect their financial assets and recover from disasters and losses.

We have the pleasure of getting to know and help local families grow and thrive through the generations. Our clients become our friends.

What we do

Improving our client's lives one conversation at a time.

Unless your last name ends in Buffet, Gates or Musk or are a member of the ‘Top 10%,’you probably have room for improvement in your insurance and financial life. That’s where we come in. We help clients grow their assets for financial independence and freedom and then make sure that nest egg is properly and securely protected. Whether its mutual funds, annuities, IRA’s or business retirement plans we help clients of every kind build their wealth. Through home, auto, life, health and business insurance we protect what they’ve earned. It sounds simple - and it is. But most people never take the necessary steps and end up in unfortunate financial means when they need it the most. Our goal is to make the lives of our customers better because they simply had a conversation with us.

Our workplace values are strong.

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We want to help you get "there"….
Wherever there is

We all want to work in a great organization, but we do it as a means to an end. Whether it is spending time with family, pursuing a hobby, financial wellbeing, freedom, starting your own business….whatever is really important to you, we want to help you achieve those dreams.

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We get by giving

It is from outstanding performance and exceeding expectations that one gets ahead in this agency – it is a meritocracy. It’s through giving outstanding performance that we get to spend quality time with our families and to do the things that are most important to us in our lives.

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Winners want to be around other winners

We value the individual who helps others to become better - and as a result - becomes better themselves. We value the individual strengths that each team member brings to the group and how those qualities enhance the results of the overall team.

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Work like an owner. Think like an entrepreneur.

Work like your name is on the door, because in many ways it is; your personal reputation, the esteem in the eyes of the clients, the pride in your contribution to the team. Think like an entrepreneur - innovate, streamline, and expand what is possible: The feeling and the results are exciting!

We believe you should get more than a paycheck at the end of the day. You should have the ability to fulfill your dreams and ambitions that are most important to you. We can help you get there.

What our clients say

Charles Edward

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I have been a client for many years. I highly recommend this insurance agency. Very prompt and courteous service.

Sheree Loseth

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Great customer service!!!! fast and friendly! Great insurance company over all!!!


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