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Available Jobs

P &C New Business Producer


What do you get out of this position?

  • A recession-resistant product within a very stable industry.

  • Chance for high income potential and the ability for a flexible schedule.

  • Great company name recognition that opens more doors for more sales and greater income potential.

  • On-going training, guidance and educational resources provided by the company and our agency.

  • In-office, post-sales support so you can focus on your prospecting and sales.

  • Potential opportunity to open your own agency; to learn what it takes to create and sustain a profitable insurance agency.

  • Potential to become recognized by our corporate offices and have additional career advancement opportunities.

  • Earn a competitive compensation package through a combination of hourly pay rate, commission, production bonuses, paid time off, stipends, retirement plan and Family Flex Time.

  • You will be working with the most recognized name-brand insurance company in the nation at a top-producing agency that you’ll proud to say you work for.

  • You will be in a professional office environment with like-minded winners.

Who is this job for?

  • A person with success in a similar role (captive agency, brokerage or financial services).

  • Someone who desires to go into agency someday, but are not yet ready to take that leap of faith.

  • If you have been a manager or agency owner and you’re tired of the administrative aspects of the job.

Team Member Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for prospecting, presenting, and closing to grow the agency’s revenue.

  • You will be responsible for providing top-quality client service on all tasks and interactions.

  • You must uphold our company’s high standards and integrity.

  • You will meet or exceed mutually agreed upon KPI / production goals.

The Ideal Candidate

  • Understand that prospecting is the lifeblood of sales and will always keep the sales funnel full.

  • Have the skill and ability to sell on value and quality and not just price alone.

  • Have the ability to educate prospects and clients and be persuasive.

  • The desire and ability to not be micromanaged.  The ideal candidates will be people who are self-starters and self-directed.

  • They will have a belief in the products we represent and who want to make important impacts in our clients’ lives.

  • They will have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Candidate must have a current and active Property & Casualty license.  Life  Health license also preferred.

Other Mentions

  • Bi-lingual in Spanish or Hmong is always a plus

Application Process

  • Please follow the link below to submit your cover letter and resume through the hiring site.  During that process answer a few basic questions and complete the quick assessment

Compensation and Benefits

Workplace Philosophy


We ensure a healthy work-life balance

We understand how important it is to make time for those that mean the most to us and we strive to help make that possible for each of our associates. Whether its sharing family dinners or attending your child's school play, we prioritize providing employees with the flexibility to spend quality time with those they love. The strength of family ties are something we cherish and it's what brings us all closer together.

Individual work ethic and ambition

Individual work ethic is a crucial component in achieving goals; it is the force that guides us along the necessary path to reach whatever destination we have set our minds upon. Work ethic requires dedication, commitment, and discipline - qualities that ultimately determine what level of success can be achieved by any given individual. With strong internal motivation and a good work ethic, there is no limit to how far someone can go. The possibilities are as profound as they are exciting, and when combined with ambition nothing can stop us from achieving anything we want in life!


Group courtesy & teamwork

Creating positive group dynamics within any team or community is essential to ensure everyone's success. Courtesy and good communication are key components when it comes to fostering teamwork, helping to create an atmosphere of respect between members. This approach helps create an environment where everyone wins. When positive attitudes and team courtesy are shared among a group, it unlocks an incredible power that can help achieve amazing accomplishments.

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